View Full Version : Cleaning a new brew keg

StevenD (Slainthe)
21st January 2014, 14:20
I received my "new" stainless steel keg the other day, having had it slightly modified to use as a boiler unit.

As the keg had to be cut and had some welding done on it, there is obviously lots of potential contaminants that need to be rid of before I can use it for beer.

For those of us on the forum that already use stainless kegs, what did you use as a cleaning agent before your first use, or what was the process you used to clean it?

Slainthe!! :cheers:

21st January 2014, 17:07
Steven, I would use caustic soda first (liquid is best but if you haven't got that make up a solution from powder, maybe a 5-10% solution). Don't leave it in there overnight.

Then I would use a white vinegar which will also help passivate the metal (protection against corrosion).