View Full Version : BrewEngineers 46l SS boiler pot

20th January 2015, 07:55
I am finally at the point where I can commit to a single boiling vessel and do away with the two alu pots. Looking around I like the 46l from BrewEngineers the most, mostly because it can used on both gas and induction (later on). I have a cooler mashtun and an urn serving as a HLT and I am happy with my setup. So for now the pot will primarily only be a wort boiler. Maybe one day when I am grown up, I will attempt a three/two pot electrical brewing setup.

Now my question is, do I need the SS tap installed or not? Does it work better to syphon the cooled wort into the fermenter with the tap? Or should I rather invest money on a decent autosyphon (been using just a piece of silicon tubing up to now with success)?

Thanks in advance for your inputs

20th January 2015, 08:01
I would say the valve is better/easier and generally more sanitary. But either would work.

20th January 2015, 09:17
I have the pot with the SS ball valve installed, and initially used the valve to fill my fermenter, but found that even if you let things settle for quite a while, you still get quite a bit of trub into the fermenter. I then started using my auto-siphon instead in the hopes that i would get less trub picked up. I found that it didn't make much difference in the end, and have gone back to using the tap as it is much quicker and easier than siphoning.

One problem I do have with the valve though is that with the large gas burner i use I recently got, the valve overheats very easily. The plastic cover on the handle melted the first time I used the new burner. I am worried now that the plastic seals inside the valve are going to get damaged, so I need to build up some type of heat shield to protect it a bit.

I would say get the one with the valve installed. Even if you don't always use it, it is there when you want it.