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Today is the Day for IPA...

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A couple of weeks ago I brewed up a 10L batch and, despite having done a nasty to my back last Saturday following which I could hardly move on Sunday, I have to get this brew bottled.

I've currently got 24x 440ml bottles in the dishwasher undergoing a 70degC rinse and sterilisation. Once that is done, I will let them cool down a bit, prime them with a teaspoon of sugar each, then use my Super Automatic Bottle Filler to rack the correct amount of brew into each bottle.

From what I saw of the Cherry-infused IPA batch that I bottled last Thursday, the brew looks and smells yummy, so I can't wait to taste the results of both versions.

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  1. StevenD (Slainthe)'s Avatar
    In the end, I got 27 bottles out of the batch, the last three of which I had to give the bottles just a quick scrub in the hope that these three will not affect the taste of the beer in them. Now the wait begins...