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Hooray for Cherry IPA...

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On Saturday evening we had some friends around for a braai and, having had some of my brews previously, they all wanted to know when the next batch was going to be available.

The only beer I had bottled were the two IPA's, one plain and the other cherry-infused, but the cherry version had been in the bottle for exactly two weeks, so I though "Hmmmm.....let's give it a try".

I don't say this often, but OMG!! When I heard the half-second "pssh" noise as I lifted the cap, I knew the carbonation was good already. One point!

As I poured the Ale into five small taster glasses, I noted that the colour was a rich, glossy red, just like the cherries that had been brewed into the beer. Two points!

I handed out the glasses to the now expectant crowd who had heard my mmmmmm's of delight and their first expressions were similar to mine. Three points!

The beer has a fruity nose to it, more of a mixed berry than plain cherry, but it is very fresh. Four points!

Lastly, the flavour is exquisitely mild on the cherries, but they are definately there, more of an aftertaste than a dominant flavour. Five points!

Needless to say, I will brew more of that sometime into the future but for now, I will leave the remaining nine bottles to mature for another couple of weeks or for a special occasion, because this one is definately a keeper!!

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  1. CapeTownBrew's Avatar
    Sounds Awesome! I have been wanting to experiment with fruit for a while now, but have found conflicting info on the interweb! How much fruit did you put in what volume of beer? Also when did you put it in, I am worried about boiling off flavour but also worried about contamination if it isn't boiled or at least pasteurised.
  2. StevenD (Slainthe)'s Avatar
    Brett....this beer is my entry into the Devils Peak Competition, it's that good (I think). I used 300g of fresh cherries to six litres of wort, but this was my first attempt so I'm not sure of what the optimum ratio should be, if there is one. I guess it all depends on the nose and fruitiness of the beer that you are trying to achieve. I steeped the cherries in a seperate pot along with three litres of the wort for 30mins at 50degC, then added it to the remaining 30mins of the boil with the rest of the wort and hops. In my next iteration of this, I might put the cherries in for less time to see how/if it affects the flavour.
  3. CapeTownBrew's Avatar
    Yum! Any chance you can share the BeerSmith file?
  4. StevenD (Slainthe)'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CapeTownBrew
    Yum! Any chance you can share the BeerSmith file?
    Sorry, it's protected by the State Secret Information Protection Bill and the original recipe is housed in triplicate at Nkandla in the big safe at the bottom of the Fire Pool.....

    In truth, I didn't create a Beersmith file (yet). I wrote it down in a book that I keep with all the recipes I use. At some point, I must transcribe it to MS-Word and will create a Beersmith file from it. Once I do that, I'd be more than happy to share it.
  5. CapeTownBrew's Avatar
    Oh dear! I'm sorry, it was such an "Agent" question! That would be great, I would even take a photocopy/scan/transcribed version of your notes! I have only just started using BeerSmith, not 100% comfortable with it yet, I just asked for the BeerSmith file to sound like a cool kid!
  6. StevenD (Slainthe)'s Avatar
    Hahahaha......I'm also still getting used to the Beersmith app, but I also just make it a habit to write everything down that I do in the brew-cave. I'll let you have a copy of the recipe as soon as I am done with it.
  7. CapeTownBrew's Avatar
    I haven't quite got into the habit of writing stuff down, but I am still at the brew from a can stage! I have been using excel to keep track of SG readings, ABV calculations and Priming calculations. Thanks a bunch.