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    Home malting

    same result as long as you keep the malt under 70degC and keep it moist............

    There is a Polish farmhouse process where they put the

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    Centa 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

    check the sticker on the cylinder...........might have been a powder extinguisher.........

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    Pressure FV's available in SA?

    Yes, pressure transfer off the trub, BUT.........cut the spear shorter on the Fermentation Keg (to not suck trub) and run an inline 15 micron paper filter

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    Pressure FV's available in SA?

    You can pressure transfer off the trub though, need a second keg. If you have cash to burn, spike or as brew tech is an option

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    Pressure FV's available in SA?

    Thanks All. Yeah, I've looked into it some more and it seems a lot of people end up having trouble with it at some point. Its going to be tough getting

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