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    Recipe Name: Plzner

    BJCP Style: 2A. German Pilsner (Pils)
    Recipe Type: All-Grain
    Yeast: Crescat CL010 Moravian Vale
    Yeast Starter (litres): .5
    Additional Yeast:
    Batch Size (Litres): 21
    Original Gravity: 1.042
    Final Gravity: ?
    Colour: 4
    Colour Scale: SRM
    Bitterness (IBU): 36
    Mash Profile (Temp and Times):
    Boil Time (Minutes):
    Primary Ferment (Days and Temp): 14+?
    Secondary Ferment (Days & Temp):
    Other Fermentation Notes:
    Tasting Notes:

    Detailed Ingredients:

    This beer was brewed with @Kerneels

    The name was chosen because I was not wearing glasses, so I was brewing blind. No i.
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