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    New to the forum. I need some Advice

    Good day wise fermentation gurus of the forum,

    I'm new to the game and I would like some advice.

    Currently I have a acquired the following at National Food Products:
    1 x 5l carboy with airlock
    1 packet of Bulldog brews Mead High alcohol yeast and nutrient.
    and 2kg of locally sourced honey

    The recipe and instructions I plan to follow is:

    I need some advice about sanitisation
    I know there is some awesome products out there (starsan, iodine-based sanitizers, sodium metabisulfite,etc),
    but I have acquired some granulated chlorine that is used for sanitisation in the food and beverage industry (I bought it from a local commercial supplier).
    The product is called Industro Clear... google did not help me much, but on the packet it specifies that it produces around 250 ppm chlorine in 9 litre of water. I believe it is just Sodium Hypochlorite powder.
    Can I use this to sanitise my equipment??
    Other sources suggest that I can use it on glass but not on plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PieterB View Post
    Good day wise fermentation gurus of the forum,..

    Not because I feel I have been called upon, but because the gurus aren't answering...

    Either way you swing it, its essentially bleach/ chlorine. From what I understand this is not really favoured because its not very fermentation/ yeast friendly and needs to be cleaned off very well afterward, which then introduces an infection risk.. The win about no rinse sanitisers is that anywhere you are concerned about infection risk throughout the process, you can just spray a few squirts without worrying about rinsing. Thats not to say some people dont use bleach and swear by it. I dont know about the plastic but suspect it varies per plastic type anyway.
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    OK so I've made mead before.

    Don't use anything chlorine/bleach related. It'll pick up in your product - and you'll taste it. Rather spend that R60 for a no-rinse sanitiser and be happy you did.

    On the mead - I wouldn't try a strong, high-ABV mead out of the box. It's going to take long to get drinkable. I haven't watched the video you posted, but I would really recommend you start with a good, simple recipe like the JAOM for your first mead. I winged my first batch and churned out a sweet, high-ABV jet fuel. It's disheartening, and you don't want that. I really would recommend you rather take on a set, proper recipe first, including following the feeding steps to the T. It's important.

    Overall mead is apparently more prone to oxidation, but less prone to infection, so that helps.

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    Thank you for the answers.

    I really appreciate the support

    I will be sure to buy the proper sanitizer when I'm in Johannesburg again.
    I don't think there is any local stores in the vaal that sells brewing related products, but I'll ask around.

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    Hi PieterB,
    There is a guy in VDBP very close to the mall that is a retailer for Brewcraft. I buy my stuff from him and he sells the no-rinse sanitizer. I think you will be able to get his contact details on their website.

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