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    For sale - Brew in the bag setup (fermenters, kettle, chillers, fridge etc) Cape Town

    Brewing equipment.

    Brew in a bag full grain setup. This is everything you will need to create a full 20l batch of brew in a bag. Mash and boil in the same kettle, an no sparging required.

    Please see spreadsheet for full list of items and current retail price (+-R18000)

    The kettle has a build in thermo-couple and circulation pump. The freezer is a regular defy freezer controlled by the temperature controller for accurate fermentation of lagers, or for general beer storage.

    I'm including about 150 bottles - a mixture of Grolsch (no capping needed), and regular 440ml bottles.

    You'll get 4 fermenters, so plenty to have several batches on the go. Assorted left over grains, yeast and hops.

    I would prefer to sell everything at once, please only contact me if you are serious and want to come around and check it all out.

    Temperature controlled Defy freezer (18 months old)
    Temperature controller
    Auto syphon
    4 Fermenters
    Brew kettle - approx 46l - stainless steal with fittings, heating element and false bottom
    Brew kettle stand, circulation pump & hoses
    Thermocouple (temperature reading)
    Grain bag (5kg)
    5l taps + 3 kegs
    Geologists Sieve (for filtering hops after brew)
    Stand capper
    Hand capper
    Various buckets, fittings and hoses
    Grain mill
    Bottle tree
    About 150 bottles - a mixture of Grolsch and regular bottles.

    R12000 and everything is yours.

    Please call on 082 789 3899, or email me on

    Misc grains and hops & yeasts, Some expired - should be fine (I'm throwing these in for free)
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    A brew-fairy dies every time a homebrewer throws in the towel!

    Nice woodworking in all your kit
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