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Thread: Half grain brew

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    Fully agree! The sg is the key, but my assumption is that sometime during this week its going to settle. Once this point is reached should I just bottle or let it rest for another week?
    My goal being to do a diacetyl (woohoo Spelling!) Rest but there is a possibility of yeast decay especially due to the low temp.

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    My 2c, the yeast runs subdued at lower temperatures, but still does its thing. Tonight I flicked my mandarina amarillo pils to start cold crashing. Almost no airlock activity during the ramp to 19c, but it was under pressure, so all good. I've done this super quick pilsner turnaround a few times and am happy to not even touch the hydrometer to test. Stays within the thresholds too.

    Pilsner or lager in 10 days, then cold crash, fine and keg. 34/70.

    Ale in 7 days, then cold crash, fine and keg. Kveik.

    Anything over these thresholds wastes time, and time is beer!

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    Time is beer! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jannieverjaar View Post
    I don't want autolysis.......
    Relax. That's something that takes months, so unless you're planning on keeping the beer in there until December, don't worry.

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