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Thread: Grainfather G70

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    Grainfather G70

    David Heath is not impressed and he is not the only one .....

    This item is not good for the Grainfather name
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    I have never used a grainfarther so I cannot give comments.
    I have however researched them, personnaly I would not purchase one, the only benifit for me would be exact temp control in mashing. The functionality like wifi, timer etc. is of no interest to me.
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    That G70, looks like a pile of pain, steering clear of this one. Like I mention on DH's page - a piss poor attempt of imitation, this is not a grainfather product.

    Brewtools 40 or 80 when my G30 dies.
    Precise mash temp control, auto step mashing, delayed start, quick chilling, small footprint, reliable results - these are things the G30 is well regarded for, you also dont need to have bluetooth / app to do these things either, I do like the 'history / record' of my brews being done without me worrying about it.

    Not to mention the option to distill on it - which is great.

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    yeah for the price you can build a decent 3 tier system using SS tanks and large urns with solenoid pumps and electronic temp control using Arduino or similar fact, that's a nice idea for a cottage industry, if only we had a growing number of homebrewers with enough disposable income............

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    Agree with everyone. I have a g30 and think itís amazing. However the g70 just doesnít seem wow to me. I think they need to iron out a lot of issues. Lastly when it comes to people reviews I rather review it myself.

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