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    Trying to brew in the tropical heat in the heart of Zambia....

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Corey, I'm in love with good proper beer. The love affair started many years ago culminating in a 2 year beerathon in Cape Town while I was studying there. I since moved to Zambia and after 2 years I just can't do the local brews anymore. I need my ale, IPA, hef.... I long for decent beer.... well it seems that Zam breweries isn't going to do it anytime soon, so I'll have to make my own.
    Covid has seen the rise of oil buckets (cooking oil) being converted into hand wash stations, and it got me thinking, they would make good brewing buckets, is that possible.. well I did some investigating and yes it all seems possible.
    I'm in remote Zambia so sourcing everything is an issue... so I'll have to make most of it myself.
    I can order stuff in from UK, SA and USA at a cost and no doubt I'll be forced to for hops and the like.

    My first experiment is going to be a Sourdough Kvass, however no sourdough here but there is Ciabatta. so Ciabatta Kvass with bread yeast is the first brew. then I can source grains and hops and rekindle my beer love. Temp is an issue so I'm looking at at defunct freezer half filled with water and changing out ice regularly to hopefully keep temps okay.

    I'll be picking your brains on how to overcome challenges I face and if anyone ever comes this way I'll make sure I have a few drops to share.


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    Welcome! It sounds like an interesting situation. Definitely look into kveik yeast. It will help with the heat issue. Then BIAB and no chill will keep the equipment cost down. So all you need is one vessel and an LPG burner.
    And a $hit ton of YouTube vids.
    You'll be fine

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    Thank you gents. Kviek yeast sounds very interesting, thanks for putting me onto that. I was ready to take the plunge on a deep freeze and that 1000 thermostat thingy. Great to see there are lots of alternative methods, like the no-chill method.

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