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    Another newbie

    Hi everyone.

    Nico from Centurion here. Also starting out new so expect a lot of questions. I must say I'm very excited about brewing my own beer! Just a bid difficult to get supplies at this stage. Most of the brewing depots seem to be out of stock on a lot of items. Lets hope this will lead to growth in the industry. I'm going all grain from the start, so fingers crossed...

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    Cheers Nico,

    All grain from the start is the best way, if you're committed into doing this then no reason for powdered beer. Have you done some research? Check out Palmers for a good read, dated info if you dont buy the latest version but still good basics. David Heath on YT has some good advice and is a top bloke. I'm not au fait with Joburg, but I think there's a brewmart and a brewcraft in proximity, or close to pretoria maybe?

    Anyway, have you invested in gear yet? There's nothing better than cracking a cold one made by your own hands. Hope you can have a real beer soon, as up to this point, you've had imitations of beer :-D

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    Welcome Nico.

    I got a starter kit from Brewcraft. Ordered friday and arrived monday so that was awesome. Has most of the stuff you need. Comes with an extract kit that I am currently brewing and then the plan is to go all grain from there. But it will give me 23L of Belgian Lager to drink while my grain beer is doing its thing.

    If you are looking for equipment still, I noticed that the local Gorima's has those massive aluminium pots that they use for Breyani etc for sale at ridiculous prices compared to the Hart and ARO alu pots. Like R450 for a 36L or thereabouts.

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    Thanks Groenspook. Will have a look at Palmers. I do watch a lot of YouTube videos, some good tips there. I've got most of my basic equipment for now. There is a old SAB Keg at my folk's farm that I will convert into an electric kettle once we are allowed to travel. Will try to post some nice info of the build.

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    Hi FriedPiggy,

    Hope your Belgian Lager turns out delicious! I didn't know Brewcraft was open for trade yet (thought they were only able to under level 3). How much did they charge for delivery more or less?
    I have a couple of things I'd love to order from them

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    Delivery wasn't bad. The kit was about R1480 and the total was like R1650 or something. and its a box big enough for a 30L bucket fermenter.

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