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    I too am known to piss my wife off :-)

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    This does seem to be a common thread among us. Having a fridge for myself and still putting beer in the house fridge ( when I'm fermenting in the fridge) is not considered good practice. It just means I need more kit!

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    Mate, my missus was entirely miffed at me for the entire duration of my brewing experience. The amount of eyebrow raising, sighing, eyerolling could've generated enough condemnation for most bachelors to run for the hills. The first kit cider I made for her barely made a difference, the second liquifruit batch half-way dismissed. As soon as I churned out a decent gin and craft tonic....all was forgiven. Aaaand thats how you get into distilling, in the in-between ginning sessions whiskey and rum can be made !

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    Vigorously taking notes...

    My wife will be in heaven if I start making her gin....

    But first I need to get the beer under control.

    I decided against a starter kit, going to put together the necessities, build where possible, and go straight into all grain..

    Will see if the brewshop is open on Monday.

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    All my intentions this morning of finding a brewshop that is open were decisively dealt with.

    We were in a very fortunate position during this time of still getting a salary, albeit a reduced one.

    Our doors are open, but we are very quiet. With the result that no/very little money coming in, the bucket is starting to run on empty.

    We were informed this morning that the funds available will cover 1 month's reduced salary. Most of our contracts, should they start up again say 1 June, is on a 60 day payment term. I will see if this terms can be re-negotiated. This means that this cash will only start flowing in September.

    Anyway, without dragging this story out, I have decided that my brewing ambitions will have to be put on hold until such time that we have some stability again.

    This "down time" will not go to waste, but will be spent on reading more and more. If I can keep up this past weeks rate of learning, I might be able to get a half decent brew out of my first batch.

    To all those in a similar situation, good luck and buckle up, this is going to be one hell of a ride

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    Yea good luck man. It sounds like a bumpy ride. All the best

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    On the plus side, you may stay up again 'on the other side' with a whack load of book knowledge, which will be an ace starting point. Good luck man
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