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    New beer noob here

    Good day beer lovers.I made a new years resolution to take up the craft of brewing my own beer. I purchased a starter kit beginning of the year and really got into extract brewing (loving it and what a blessing it is during lockdown).I pulled the trigger to enter full grain brewing, purchased myself a small all grain brewing system and received it two days ago. May my first brew be a great learning experience and my beer taste even better.I finally decided to introduce myself after stalking Worts & All's forums for a couple months. I am a thirsty to learn, always eager to improve and curious to experiment.So raising my glass and cheers to all the fellow brewers.

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    Pull up a chair and start sharing that brew
    The Problem With The World Is That Everyone Is A Few Drinks Behind.!

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    Welcome. Share your system and learnings. We've got a few new members about 3months behind you on the curve so everything you learn and share will help them. And we'll chime in to share some of the mistakes we've made along the way two. And believe me there are many, there littered around the form as well if your good at searching

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