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    1. A big-ass 50l urn from an old catering place. I'd have a SS grain mesh made up to fit the inside to take 10kg of grains at least. I'd get a hot-water pump, some silicone tubing and build myself a cheap grainfather with a Raspberry Pi running BrewPi. I'd ferment in a few food-grade buckets and age in a few glass carboys. And that's it.
    Oh, and a kegging setup from the start, I guess.

    2. I would buy a regular brewing starter kit. It works for beginners and gets your feet wet. I see it as "school fees" when you learn with it, not as "money down the drain". I have to add I got my kit for free from a friend who didn't use a brand new kit that's stood in his garage for years.
    ToxxyC, I'm liking your idea of an urn. I believe I can get a 50l urn easier then I can get a decent sized brew pot here is Zam.. I presume you have done some homework here, so which pump would you get for your urnfather build?

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    It's not my idea, nor have I done it myself, but a regular dishwasher pump would work just fine. I'm actually hoping to salvage one from a broken dishwasher as soon as I hear of a broken one somewhere.

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    Doing things over

    If I had to do things over I would of gone straight for the grainfather that I have now my beers have been so much more better and consistent. I started off with 50 litre pots and gas burners. It just doesn’t come close to the gf in consistency, and quality of beer

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    I have to agree with some early comment - you do need to get your feet wet first. But rather than a slow series of upgrades from there I'd jump to a build my own setup. (I started with aluminium pots, then BIAB on a single 46L kettle & Gas, then a grainfather and now I've added a homebuilt RPi based system).

    So I would suggest;
    1) Do a couple of basic kits first. Use buckets, pots you have in the kitchen, etc. plenty of YouTube clips out there - SouthYeasters have a YouTube channel with some as well.
    2) Get a 50L urn and do BIAB, electric - but control it manually.
    3) If you still enjoy it then add extra urns, pumps, etc to make a 3 vessel system with all the bells and whistles (You can do this incrementally).

    Then you have nothing go to waste, but you get to move up in stages.

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    So I took the leap! today I got my 50l urn.

    I didn't have a big pot so prices weren't that different over getting a big pot (if I could find one here). I also have a gas stove but it's pretty crap so wasn't confident it could handle a 20l AG brew and didn't want to get more gas burners and another bottle. things aren't that easy for me to get. I'm in Zambia but rural Zambia, my closest supermarket is 150km away.. Anything close to brew equipment is 800km away...

    My BIAB bags are on their way from UK
    My malt and other ingredients and a simple starter kit are on their way from SA.
    So I jumped straight to number two on camsaway's list. then I can move to number 3.

    I'm already dreaming of a kegerator and tap... is that normal??... I'm having to calm myself down. "let's wait to we brew at least one a batch before we get ahead of ourselves." I keep telling myself.....

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    Awesome! You're going to love it.

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