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    A great big old Thank You

    My beer is happily sitting in its bottles now. I have asked what were probably some rather "interesting" questions over the last weeks since I joined WnA. I just wanted to say many thanks to everyone who has helped me and calmed me down by answering questions for me along the way. There really are some awesome people on here that seem to not mind answering silly questions posed by new brewers. Looking forward to next week when I can crack open a beer that I made myself. Now if only I could decide on what to brew for the next batch.....

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    I'm excited for you. It must be a rewarding feeling opening up your own home brewed beer. Congats bud, I believe you will enjoy them and had a great learning experience.

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    Ask away man. We can all remember being the same so we're happy to help. The age old question. What to brew..... what to brew..... I think Jigsaw told me once when a beer didn't turn out the way it should to take the BJCP guidelines and read through the style guidelines. You'll find the beer there somewhere. So I use this same method to decide what to brew next. Works like a charm and it teaches you about the styles. Win win

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