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    Giving cider a try

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if any of you guys have had a crack at cider? ive only ever made BIAB and a few extract kits when i was a teenager growing up in Aus where you can buy all the kit you need from (literally) any supermarket.

    Have my first one on the brew, just a couple of liters, after any enjoyable sunday building a cider press (building home brew kit is almost as fun making home brew, I might add) and testing it on a half a box of apples.

    Got another 50kg of random apples, to press this weekend if Mrs Captain will leave me in peace for a couple of hours...

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    Always wanted to give a cider a go myself, but have been a little hesitant, preferring to do a lot of reading up on the subject before going out and buying an orchard-load of apples.

    Keep us posted on how you go....apples used, recipe, do's and dont's, etc...
    Slainte Mhaith!!

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    I have not made cider, but I have heard that you can use any apple juice that does not contain preservatives, as it will kill the yeast.

    Interesting fact: In America it is legal to give a child or baby cider! This is because they call apple juice "cider". When it is fermented it is called "Hard Cider"! Silly Americans! :P

    Another silly thing, then you ferment any fruit juice it is a "cider", except for pears, it is called a "perry". I have no idea why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtronSeige View Post
    then you ferment any fruit juice it is a "cider", except for pears, it is called a "perry".
    So grape Juice is not fruit juice
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    Well... Took a reading on last weeks test run and fallen from1050 to 1001 since I pitched on Tuesday, so quickly cold crashed it as I was aiming for more like 1010, tasted and was bloody dry! But quite similar to some of the craft ciders i tasted while living in the UK, Will fine it later then let it sit there for a couple of days to clear, colour much better than expected, started off looking like swamp snot, but now has a pleasant peachy hue. Only had time to press another 5L today, much better blend of apples, with a few pears thrown in. I have a walk in deep freeze at my shop where I've been storing apples and the defrosted one deffinatley produce more juice and easier to work with.
    Used safbrew s-33 last week cos I had some on hand even though I've read that it's not the best, will pitch the other lot tomorrow with some Notties and will remember to take a few more readings through the week.

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    How did this turn out Captain?
    All for Brew AND brew for all

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