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30th March 2015, 18:24
Hey all,

Has anyone in the Cape registered for a home distilling license? My dad recently bought a still and I'd like to register so that everything is above board. Apparently it only cost R1 or R2 but not sure who to contact or what forms to get.

Any help would be awesome.


that guy al
30th March 2015, 21:02
i'm sure i remember simon saying he had one...

31st March 2015, 07:42
Was it not SARS?

31st March 2015, 07:48
I'm pretty certain it is done through SARS, I am also looking to get one, looking to convert a 30L keg into a still.

31st March 2015, 07:53
Google is your friend: http://distillique.co.za/distilling_shop/blog/19-how-to-distill-legally-at-home-in-south-africa

31st March 2015, 07:58
Yes, it is SARS and I saw that page (that is where we bought the still). Just wondering if anyone had some heads up on the exact form and department to speak to. SARS can be a bit of a black hole sometimes...

31st March 2015, 08:00
I'll try do some calling around and see what I find

31st March 2015, 09:46
The document you need from SARS is the DA104. Its cost is an laughable R1, with maximum of R5. This license is only to posses a still for 1 year, so you need to do it every year.

If you produce for yourself there is a maximum amount of litres you may have, cant remember what that amount is...

If you plan to sell the distillate, you need a producers license, liqueur license and warehouse numbers from SARS - Takes about 18 months and in about R45000... Includes the lawyer etc

Hope this helps

31st March 2015, 09:47
[emoji106] Thanks for the form number!

31st March 2015, 10:29
Fantastic! Thanks. Did a quick google and didn't pick anything up, but will try call. At least I now have a lead :-)

21st April 2015, 12:30
We've been to two SARS offices and neither knew what the heck we wanted or what we were asking about. :mad: