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4th June 2013, 04:41
Hi all .... as per Franks e-mail:

Current suggestion on the table is:

Score 1-5 where 1=Horrible and 5=Give me 3 cases of this

Average of all the scores determine the result.

Introduce different categories: Beer, Wine and Fruite Ales, Spirits etc etc

Any other comments?

4th June 2013, 09:08
Will scoring be determined purely on the drinker's opinion, or will be the rating be against BJCP or something similar?

My example is something like this:
1) I go to the store and buy a bottle of Peroni. As I usually drink light beers, I really enjoy the Peroni and I give it a 5.
2) I go to the store and buy a bottle of Peroni because it is a "Premium Lager" and I am looking for beer with a bit more body, a medium malt-flavor and a fair amount of hops aroma and bitterness. I taste the Peroni and realize that the flavor is very light, the aroma is almost only DMS and the bitterness is lacking. I give the beer a 1.

Second spanner: What am I drinking?! Is a Castle Lager an American (Light, Standard, Premium), German, Bohemian Lager? I use Rate Beer to get an idea of that the beer style is, but they have a few styles that BJCP does not have, and their descriptions are not as detailed as the BJCP.



4th June 2013, 12:58
At this stage we are only going on taste and what the drinker think is good and bad. I think going into the BJCP style of tasting is over complicating things at this stage.

At the moment we are a bunch of brewers that enjoy beer and we try and give positive critism to each other. And while we are doing all of this we braai and talk sh!t .... what more can you ask for :)

I'm not sure what our club will evolve into .... maybe we will go that route in the fututre but I don't think it is the right way at this stage.

You are more than welcome to join ... will post the next dates as son as they are available ....

4th June 2013, 13:55
Faan, I agree that BJCP might be over complicating things for your purposes but you probably need something a little more scientific than a simple 1-5, because tastes vary. Some people dislike specific styles when compared to others so, what might actually be a good beer might be negatively marked simply because it doesn't agree with their tastes.

4th June 2013, 15:06
I was thinking of then maybe using a two way scale, where you rate the beer on your taste, and then according to some "Style Guide". But rating against a style is difficult! How much do I deduct if a beer is not exactly right?

Maybe a rating and then a written opinion. The rater will rate the Guinness as 5 with a comment of "I LOVE STOUTS!", or rate a Lindemans Faro with a 1 and a comment of "WTF!?! Is this beer off? It is sour!". This will allow other users to understand that the person may be biased or new to style and may not understand the intricacies of a strange style. It will also allow for interesting "Character Development/Growth" as we can then look at the comments in 10 year's time and see how we went from "SOUR, Bubblegum, burn. URGH :(" to "Lacto provides a refreshing bite whilst the fruity esters of passion fruit and bubblegum intermingled in a long-lasting aftertaste. Alcohol bite is evident in the peppery phenolics as well as a pronounced warming. Definitely one of the best beers in this style."


4th June 2013, 17:42
Agreed .... maybe 1-5 is a bit to simple. How does the other clubs do it without over complicating it?

And yes I hate stouts and I always score them low :)

yeast whisperer
4th June 2013, 18:11
Firstly I always nose the beer. This gives me an indication of what I am about to taste. Sometimes the nose and the taste do not correspond( thus mark down)
Secondly I look for clarity and colour, although clarity is not necessarily a mark of a good beer.
Thirdly I like a beer with good mouthfeel, a beer that just falls of the back of my tongue gets markrd down.
A beer with off flavours does not go down well with me. (I feel that the brewer in question should not even have presented a beer with off flavours for tasting and is just trying to get rid of it) However if a flavour that I dont like is a particular characteristic of a beer, I am willing to be educated.
I do however agree that we need to get the tastings a bit better organised, taste in order of style etc so that we can compare a lager with a lager and a stout with a stout.