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11th April 2015, 22:27
Hi all, thought I would create this thread so all can share what they currently have going in primary, secondary, etc.

I currently have an American IPA in Primary, will be racking to secondary on Sunday, dry hoppng with 50g Cascade for 10 days before bottling.

Just bottled a IPA today, bulk primed with Dextrose, will bottle condition for about 2-3 weeks before cracking them open:D

12th April 2015, 08:05
I have 2 IPAs in my fermenters. Kegging both today. One cascade, one Southern Passion. Both whole hops.

12th April 2015, 08:34
You should put the details in your signature.

12th April 2015, 08:54
That means I need to change my signature every two weeks. Too much work!

12th April 2015, 09:03
In the bottle I've got a IPA and Amber Ale. Fermenting I've got a quick-and-dirty Ale that I threw together with some extract I needed to get rid of. I've also got a White IPA and a Red Imperial IPA.

Coming up is another iteration of a nut brown ale recipe that I've been working on. I've been trying to clone the Rogue Nut Brown.

12th April 2015, 16:18
I've currently got a Patersbier in my secondary, which should be ready to bottle in a day or two, and a black IPA in my primary. Not too sure what's next.
Also have a vanilla brown ale as well as a traditional bock bottled and ready to drink.

13th April 2015, 07:45
Doppelbock largering away in secondary .

StevenD (Slainthe)
13th April 2015, 10:40
I had 7kg of grain in my cupboard (wrapped and cling-filmed tight) that I had to use, so I threw it all together to create a Nameless Pale Pilsner.

1kg Carapils
4kg Pilsner Malt
2kg Pale Malt

I have split the brew into three batches, so that I can experiment with more dry-hopping (wondering what a dry-hopped Pilsner would be like). For some reason unknown, one of the three batches is fermenting very slowly, but the other two are going crazy.

14th April 2015, 09:50
Nothing fermenting, but I've got a 50litre Oatmeal Stout and a 50litre IPA both busy conditioning. :D

14th April 2015, 10:41
You'll have to let us know what the dry-hopped version comes out like...could be quite interesting!

that guy al
14th April 2015, 16:46
Nothing fermenting, but I've got a 50litre Oatmeal Stout and a 50litre IPA both busy conditioning. :D

sounds terrible :D

14th April 2015, 16:57
First three brews on the HERMS:
1 x Fermenter ESB 5.1% ABV - ready to keg.
2 x Fermenters Munich Helles 4,9% ABV
2 x Fermenters English Pale Ale 3,9%

15th April 2015, 07:41
NOTHING! Everything is kegged and bottled.

But, if all goes well, I will be brewing on Sunday.