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27th July 2015, 12:29
I live in Paarl and hate Lagers. Started brewing only at the beginning of 2015 with a Grainfather unit and loving it. Loads of questions to ask so very happy I found this forum.


27th July 2015, 12:38
Hi and welcome

Nice system you have there

I live in Paarl and hate Lagers.

Quite a big statement you are making. Why the hate for Lagers? I haven't made one myself but I'm also leaning more to ales than lagers. Probably because there is not a lot of commercial (non craft) ales out there and most of the craft lagers tastes a bit like hospital for me. But I'm now geared up to be able to make a lager and are planning a lager in the next month or so.

27th July 2015, 12:57
Welcome Wetdog!
First off, very jealous of the Grainfather! Secondly, I agree with DieBaas, why do you hate Lagers? Just out of interest of course, I am all for personal preference! I also brew/prefer more Ale style beers than Lagers, but sometimes I do just feel like a Lager.

27th July 2015, 13:45
Welcome to the group! Hope we can answer all your questions.

I (snip) hate Lagers.

That is very sad to hear. I hope that you get over your hate soon as you are missing so many great beers!

1. LIGHT LAGER (http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style01.php)
2. PILSNER (http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style02.php)
3. EUROPEAN AMBER LAGER (http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style03.php)
4. DARK LAGER (http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style04.php)
5. BOCK (http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style05.php)

27th July 2015, 15:39
Hi Wetdog

Also from Paarl here. Enjoy your brewing and I'm also jealous of that Grainfather.

Once you brew your own Lager you will start enjoying it again I'm sure.


27th July 2015, 15:41
Welcome. :giveme5:

You very lucky to start off with a nice system like the Grainfather & the system apparently makes VERY nice beer.

As a homebrewer I'm yet to brew a lager myself, but I'll get there :cheers:

that guy al
27th July 2015, 16:26
welcome to the forums

28th July 2015, 09:14
Growing up in the 80.'s and 90's the only beer available was lager's and I had my fair share. In 2000 I was fortunate to land a job that took me to many interesting places around the world and I discovered Ales and Weizen beers. Back in SA the only beers still available was lagers which even paled in comparison to German & US lagers so I mostly stopped drinking them. Today the SA lagers are still pretty poor compared to others and there are just so many options now.

My motto is that life is just too short to drink bad beer.

28th July 2015, 09:16
@Eighty5ix - come over and taste some of my Grainfather brew.