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10th November 2015, 12:41
As the title says, is it or not?

Currently I have a 30L drum type fermenter with wide lid and a tight sealable clamp. I installed a R30 tap (brown outside use plastic taps) about 6CM from the bottom (not to catch any sediment).

It's never been an issue where I've had someone to help with the last 3 or 4L to get it out, sanitize a brew bag, clip it over the bottling bucket and pour straight into the bag, against the side of the buck not to splash with someone holding the bucket on the side and helping so the bag does not fall into the beer spilling sediment etc.

But the last brew I kegged (19L keg) I had about 4L still left in the fermenter, without that going to waste I bottled a few, but it was such a mess/struggle doing it on my own, just to get that last bit out that I wished I had just chucked the last bit...

Would spending R200 on a auto-siphon be worth it or am I just over thinking it, and should just get one?

10th November 2015, 14:09
Just get one! They're amazing. I keg with it, bottle straight out of the auto-siphon and even to run sanitizer through my CFC. Get the nice food grade siphon hose with it to ensure a nice tight fit. I won't be able to brew without one.

that guy al
10th November 2015, 16:18
simple answer: yes. it's worth every penny.

17th November 2015, 10:13
Yes, get it

17th November 2015, 10:35
The only problem I have with mine is that it doesn't clamp that well to a bucket, so it tends to move around some times and swirl the yeast cake when I bottle.

Anybody else have a solution maybe?
I tried to clamp it with these office two lever clamp thingies... it's better but certainly not solid.

17th November 2015, 11:59

I have invested in the FastFermenter. All the yeast sediment drops to the bottom and is easily removed. You then tap from the bottom of the fermenter straight into the bottle with minimum problems

17th November 2015, 13:58
Is the fastfermenter worth it?

17th November 2015, 14:31
Is the height not a problem for a fermentation chamber .
Google gives its height at 94 cm . That wont fit in a modified chest freezer , does it fit in a fridge ?

18th November 2015, 08:04
I also have an autosyphon. Like already mentioned, the clamp is useless and it tends to come loose without provocation and then it stirs the yeast cake. To get around this I rack to a bottling bucket and then from there I bottle.

The one feature on the autosyphon that makes me use it every time is it's build in sediment reducer. I can place the end of the syphon gingerly in the yeast cake while it's syphoning and it will not disturb the cake. The other thing that it was handy for was to pull hydrometer samples but I got a sample taker now so I don't use it for that.

If I can get a good racking cane with a built in sediment reducer, I would probably use it in stead of the syphon. The syphon is heavy, bulky and the bloody thin likes to float during beer transfer!

I actually thought about it just now, but I can make an heirloom quality racking cane with permanent sediment reducer from the left over copper tube and fittings after I made a mash tun this weekend. What's the consensus on copper coming in contact with finished beer?

18th November 2015, 11:29
AFAIK there is some problem with getting fermented beer into contact with copper. Maybe acidity, but I will have to check myself

18th November 2015, 12:01
AFAIK there is some problem with getting fermented beer into contact with copper. Maybe acidity, but I will have to check myself

Copper is inert in both wort and beer.

It is only if you've allowed the copper to develop that blue green oxide that it becomes an issue because it is both toxic and soluble in mildly acidic solutions.

Normal copper with a stable oxide layer is fine.

18th November 2015, 12:06
Simon beat me to it! For a more in depth discussion, http://byo.com/malt/item/1144-metallurgy-for-homebrewers

18th November 2015, 12:42
I stand corrected