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6th April 2016, 21:51
End of april, i'm getting some extra cash.
Biab setup
Or 230L chest freezer?

6th April 2016, 22:33
Fermentation temperature control improves quality of beer a lot....

But if the biab setup switches you over to all grain.... then I reckon that will be more fun....

So... fun or quality....:-)

6th April 2016, 22:59
+1 all grain..
you can still brew pretty much all beers without temp control (might be stepping on toes).
I only have a fridge with the following settings. 11c, 5c or 1c. so i brew 4 beers. Saisons and ales at room temp. Nottingham ale and lager at 11. and later at 5 or 1c.
Cold crash at 1c.
if you dont have a fridge, irritate the crap out of SWAMBO and freeze 2l bottles to control the temp...
Yes temp control does a lot. but having the freedom to play around with a lot of different malts means more than the temp control to me...

7th April 2016, 06:49
Go BIAB, sooo much fun to brew with different malt bills.
Temperature control; we all started with tubs or buckets filled with water to reduce temperature swings.

7th April 2016, 07:07
I'd also go BIAB. The selection of Malt extracts in SA is just utter crap so you cant really make your own un hopped base malt from extract cans.

You can get a BIAB setup going for under 2 grand. R1400 for a logik Urn, enough left for a copper immersion chiller and brew bag

If you really feel like making it rain a Caterpride 50L Urn is on promotion at makro for R1900. Probably much better quality than the Logik and it is 3KW compared to the Logik 2.5KW

7th April 2016, 07:56
If you want to improve the quality of your beer, go for a fermentation chamber.

If you want to play around with recipes, go for the BIAB.

Me, I'd go for the fermentation chamber, but I've been doing AG for a few years and that's where I feel my next big improvement will come from.

7th April 2016, 08:20
I use an old upright fridge for a fermentation chamber. Takes 2 x 25L fermenters.

230L chest freezer is a little small for that.

11th April 2016, 11:28
I also recommend fermentation temp control.

12th April 2016, 17:15
The choice between biab or ferment control is only valid if you are already AG.