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16th April 2017, 18:49
Hey guys.
I'm new to the forum, first I'm very glad to have found the forum! If brewed a few beers in a " starter kit" but really over it now and want to build my own setup. After trolling YouTube, endless reading and equipment research. I have decided that a HERMS type setup with a difference is what I'll go for.

Some main deferences,
2x pots (50l) kegs
Mash water heating, Sparging and Boil will be automated to be able to reproduce brews accurately.

Electronics will be controlled by arduino and system displayed via a 7" touch display.

2x 50L kegs
4x digital temperature sensors
1x digital pressure sensor
2x 16" sight gauge
2x L type 3way solenoids
2x 2way solenoids
1x water pump
6x one way valves
12x 1/2" BSP parallel buttweld nipples
1x gas burner
1x electronic igniter
1x electronic flame detector
1x electronic flow meter
1x proportional solenoid valve
4x 4" thermowells
1x 10ch solid state relay board
1x Arduino Mega
1x Din Rail 12v PSU
1x Din Rail 5v PSU
1x Nextion 7" LCD

At this stage I'm looking at using GAS as I've seen that anything more then 3kw element doesn't do so well with 30L plus batches and bigger elements dare to much power for household plugs and breakers. So far I've sourced the kegs, and planning to import the rest but thought I'd ask local guys for local suppliers and advise if some is keen.

Anyway good to be here !

19th April 2017, 08:10

That setup sounds awesome!

There are a few brewers here who understand that new-fangled electric thing! :p

Strijdompark has a few shops that sell these types of toys, otherwise there is communica, rs, electrocomp, acdc... Most of them have some internet site, but it requires that you actually know what you are talking about.

Why not start with a "normal" system (3 tier, gas, gravity fed) or a BIAB(2-tier, gas). Then you can build your brewery up, instead of having a massive expense at the start (and a long time with no beer!).

Good luck

19th April 2017, 08:37
Hello Johann

Why don't you run a 2 or 2.5kW element in the HLT and two 2/ 2.5kW in the boil kettle?
As long as the two boil kettle elements are fed from two different circuit breakers tripping shouldn't be a problem.
While I'm waiting for the HLT to get to temperature I keep on adding kettles with boiling water to it, then it gets to temperature quickly. Then a smaller element in HLT won't be too slow.

Good luck with the build.

19th April 2017, 11:54
Hi Guys, thanx for the comments, for now I have a pot and plastic bucket to make beer so I'm okay for the interm. I'm very well experienced with arduino so the electric side doesn't bother me at all, have most of those spares or know where to get them. Stuff I'm not clued up on is the stainless steel suppiers, for quick releases ect.
As for the conventional setup I like the HERMS type system I just can't get my self to dedicate a vessel only for hot water. So I'm combining the BLT and HLT the batches I'll be making is at most 25L so initial 45L HLT water will be enough to sparge with and account for boil losses.

19th April 2017, 11:56
Hey Jay

I get what you saying, it might be an option. Don't you find that the elements are a hassle ? Cleaning stirring ect?