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25th April 2017, 14:08
Hello all , bit of an accidental brewer here , was approached 3 years ago about setting a brewery up on my farm , the deal was I would build the building and venue and the partners would provide the equipment and know how . Anyways long story short I built the building and the partners when faced with the high costs of the equipment pulled out :( ..... Life is strange like that - been making beer for the last year on a 50L Speidel system with 2 x 60L fermentation tanks - loving it , I was always a Windhoek man and even when approached with the brewery idea I was a bit reticent - found myself with a Windhoek in one hand and one of my beers in the other - converted ! Hope to learn lots here and just maybe one day the building i built might just house a fine collection of shiny things and some sublime tastes .. Cheers All

Adam S
25th April 2017, 15:01
Welcome Derek.
Shiny brewing bits are always good!
Start small though and put that Spiedel to work on tweaking a few recipes.

26th April 2017, 09:16
Welcome :giveme5:

26th April 2017, 09:35
Welcome welcome!

that guy al
26th April 2017, 12:10
welcome to the forums

27th April 2017, 07:29
Thanks for the welcomes