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12th September 2017, 19:42

I did my first Copper Tun kit a few years ago and after that I did MJ Cider kit.... I had my first Weiss at Brauhaus Am Dam in Rustenburg and from there on I am hooked on Wiess. I stay in Parys now and our local Craft pub also have a Weiss but then I decided that I will start again but this time Full Grain BIAB....

I did my first batch now and it was bottled today... now for the wait....

Glad to be part of the forum and I still have a lot to learn....

Adam S
13th September 2017, 08:35
Hi and welcome.
This beer brewing business is a slippery slope! You will be doing all grain exotic stuff in no time!

13th September 2017, 08:44
:giveme5: Welcome, have fun.

that guy al
13th September 2017, 09:28
welcome to the forums

13th September 2017, 14:10
Good Day and welcome.

14th September 2017, 11:21
:giveme5: Welcome ...pull up a chair and grab a Weiss :cheers:

21st September 2017, 12:07
Sean at Dog & Fig is very approachable and doesn't mind helping home brewers.