View Full Version : 6 October 2013 - Octoberfest / German Beer Fun!

1st October 2013, 11:19
What beer(s) are you bringing to the tasting session this weekend?

I will have a Weiss and Maibock, in theory. I am tasting the maibock tonight and if it is too good, then it may not make it to the weekend! The Weiss has had some "standing in the cupboard" time, so it is also begin tasted tonight and if it is still good.... :)


7th October 2013, 10:24
Ah! It was an amazing day!

Andrew and Joe made wonderful traditional German Oktoberfest food and the two of them walked away with First and Third place for the best beers of the day!

We tasted a mix of beer, wine, champagne, "slet sappies", liquors and ciders! With 21 official tastings and a few others on the side just for fun.

The next meeting is in December and all brewers are requested to bring a Christmas Beer, or whatever your interpretation of Christmas Beer is.

PM me if you are interested in joining the group.