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9th October 2013, 18:23
Hi, my name is Carel and I'm an alcoholic... (Why can't I use "Enter") well anyway that is my introduction, I'm new here. I've only made my own beer once from a kit and was not impressed by all the work involved cleaning and bottling, so I figured I must start kegging. Apart from being an alcoholic, I'm also a cheapskate and was wondering if you can get any plastic containers in South Africa to keg with? Something like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Home-Brew-Balliihoo%C2%AE-Temperature-Indicator/dp/B001QOMJKS I also stumbled across sites (also overseas) that suggest using containers used for spraying crops etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

11th October 2013, 10:27
Hi Carel

I hope you get over the alcoholism soon. It is difficult to properly enjoy beer if you are chugging it the whole time!

Yes, you can get those. www.brewmaster.co.za has some. However, they are expensive! I use a plastic bucket. It is easier to clean and at R26, a lot cheaper! I have no idea what shops you have in Nelspruit, but look for a 25 liter bucket like these: BUCKETS (http://www.dynamicplastics.co.za/images/sizes-tamper.jpg)!

Next, start reading! How To Brew (http://howtobrew.com/intro.html) will teach you a lot! He explains how to make the equipment that you will need. Note that the book "How To Brew" is more recent than the site, so you may want to buy the book. You can also get "The Joy of Homebrewing".

Do you know "Tweedronk Brewery"?

Good luck with the brewing.

11th October 2013, 14:47
Hi AtronSeige, Thanks for the reply. I want to use the container as a keg, ie: carbonate my beer with co2 so a bucket won't work. No, I don't know Tweedronk, but just googled it - are they between Sabie and Lydenburg? I saw misty mountain on google search but their own website does not have any more information. Cheers.

11th October 2013, 15:37
Sorry, I apparently missed the bit about kegging. :) Clearly I need to learn to read...

Buy proper kegs. A keg will cost you around R1200 (18-20 liters, new) according to the new prices that I have seen. Yes, it is expensive, but the odds are good that the keg will outlive you.

Contact www.brewmaster.co.za, www.thebeerkeg.co.za, www.draughtcraft.co.za, www.thetaproom.co.za to find out about kegs and all the attachments. Some of them may have second hand kegs.

Riaan from Tweedronk makes a great beers. I haven't seen him in a while though.

16th October 2013, 17:00
I was at a liquor wholesaler today - they have 50 litre draught kegs that they can sell to me for R180 bucks. They also showed me the dispenser, which had an Afrox Suremix 100 cylinder in it - I looked it up, and that is 100% co2. Does this means the beer that comes in the kegs is already carbonated? The fitting at the top of the keg (the only fitting as far as I know) looks like it opens with pressure. Does anyone have any idea how I could first clean this keg, and secondly what procedure to use to get the beer in? (I've never kegged before).

16th October 2013, 17:07
Is it SAB? If it is then they have a special something which means you cant open it (or close, I can't remember). Contact Bevan fron Draughtcraft.co.za, he will be able to give more info.

However, that is CHEAP for a keg!

Try to get the dispencer as well, those things are bloody expensive!

Yes, kegged beer is carbonated. The CO2 that you pump in is to push the beer out and to keep the beer carbonated.

16th October 2013, 17:37
Thank you - I'll try Bevan.

16th October 2013, 18:05
180 a keg? Jeez for that price I want 10 to cut up...

16th October 2013, 18:18
How many do they have?

16th October 2013, 20:34
There was about six. It was Windhoek kegs (it's used kegs by the way) - the guy that showed it to me said it was identical (the coupling/fitting) anyway to SAB kegs. Does anybody know if it can be opened somehow to clean or any other way to clean it?