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13th May 2013, 09:56

I am a wannabee brewer based in PE

my current beer of choice Winhoek - Draught and Light and of course Tafel Lager

The brewing idea came after visiting Nieu Bethesda and seeing Andre's brewery

As i started reading i found more info on 4x4 Comm where many of us are also members

I would like to see first hand how home brewers do their thing

If there is anyone close to PE please send me a message



13th May 2013, 16:40
Welcome and cheers. What level of home brewing do you want to witness? Beginner, intermediate or pro? Extract, partial mash, biab (as in a bag) or all-grain (as in not in a bag)?
Extract brewing is easy to do and a great starting point. There is some information on extract brewing method on the web. If you like I can pm you my extract brewing method. (No pictures included).

14th May 2013, 10:48
Hi Brennen

I would be a beginner for sure

Extract brewing would suit the purpose in the beginning

I also like the way most guys go in brewing smaller quantities
giving them choice of more flavours

please pm me your method

I would like to see first hand brewing on small scale



14th May 2013, 12:57
You want my opinion?

If you just want to make some cheap great beer, extracts and kits are awesome, but if you even think you might get into the science and fiddling around with recipes, then get a Beerguevara Molatov Cocktail, and jump straight into All-Grain

14th May 2013, 16:31
Simon I think you are right
I could'nt remember the Molatov kits name

i've followed all your brewing comments on the 4x4 forum we are both

That's it will start with the planning -



14th May 2013, 18:22
PM sent. Here is another method from John Palmer: