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14th December 2014, 22:35
Hi all.
I stumbled across this forum today and I'm super excited to be a part of this community. I've been brewing for the last year with some successful and some not so successful batches. This week I'm hoping to start a a Traditional Bock which I will definitely keep you all posted on.

Have a great evening everybody.


14th December 2014, 22:49
Also I'm based in Pretoria

StevenD (Slainthe)
15th December 2014, 08:09
Welcome!! There are a few guys on the forum from your part of the world so I am sure they will make themselves known to you soon...

Keep us up to date with that Bock...sounds good..

that guy al
16th December 2014, 09:34
hey matt. welcome.

17th December 2014, 08:59
Welcome Matt.

Someday we here in the Transvaal will be enough in numbers to outnumber the Cape guys.... or not ;)

StevenD (Slainthe)
17th December 2014, 09:26
... to outnumber the Cape guys.... or not ;)

Oh really.... :p


17th December 2014, 10:23
You guys still have the SAB spring down there and my preferred Homebrew shops.
I have however not bought from Brewmart in Pretoria. My next order will be from him..... sorry OT

17th December 2014, 10:59
Thanks for the welcome guys! I haven't made an order with him either but also plan to soon.