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Blonde Ale - First Partial mash

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  • Blonde Ale - First Partial mash

    So, after doing two extract kits (Blonde Lager and Pale Ale - with Pumpkin Spice!) I decided it is time for the next step in home brewing - a partial mash. I am noting my first partial mash experience on the forum for any other rookies wanting to learn more about partial mash as I would have loved to read something about the process here, rather than international sites.
    Being a first class internet brewer, I built a cooler mash tun before I discovered BIAB on the net. It was time to put this to use, I have it after all.

    2kg Pale Ale malt
    200 grams Crystal Malt
    Southern Passion hops (25 g @ 60 mins and 25 g @ 30 mins)
    Black Rock Ultra-Light unhopped malt
    MJ Craft series yeast - U.S West Coast

    Equipment used:
    15 Litre Hart Alu pot
    Gas boiler with Cadac 3kg gas bottle
    25 Litre Addis cooler with copper manifold - mash tun
    25 Litre food grade plastic bucket with airlock - fermenter

    Heat 8 litres of water to 70 degrees celsius in the Hart Alu pot.
    Add the water to the mash tun and giv it a couple of minutes to settle down, add the 2kg Pale Ale malt and 200 grams Crytal Malt
    Check temperature at 66 degrees celcius and mash for 60 minutes
    Open a Blonde Lager
    Open a Dam Wolf - Wolf in Sheeps Clothing - darn good brew, but at 9% abv, I almost fell asleep after that one!
    Heat 2 litres of water to 70 odd degrees celcius in another pot.
    Mash out and rinse with the extra 2 litres of water into the Hart Alu pot
    Add the Black Rock Ultra Light extract and mix in thoroughly - otherwise it will collect at the bottom of the pot and burn.
    Bring to the boil, add the hops at stipulated time intervals and boil for 60 minutes - have another beer!
    Add the boiled extract to the fermenter and top up to 21 litres
    Sprinkle the yeast on top and seal, add some Vodka to the airlock bubbler

    This was my first partial mash - will see how it turns out

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    Bottled this brew last night, I filled 24x750ml bottles and 4x440ml Grolsch swing tops. My carbonation calculator came in at 2.2 Co2 units, so I added 100 grams of brown sugar (ran out of white sugar as we barely use sugar in the house). I doubt that it will make a difference in taste. The beer tasted pretty good, so it can only get better. I also dry hopped with an additional 25 grams of Southern Passion hops from days 5- 10.

    I want to share a quick review on my bottling process for any other novices on the site as well. It is plain and simple and it only took me 2 hours to bottle including a rinse cycle in the dishwasher for bottles - bottles are rinsed when I empty them, this makes life easier.

    1. Firstly, make the sugar syrup for carbonation - boil the sugar in about 300mls of water for 10 minutes, cover pot with foil and let it cool
    2. I start off by putting all 24 bottles upside down in the dishwasher, rinse cycle with a tablet thingie - 1 hour 20 minutes.
    3. Make my mixture of no-rinse sanitiser in my bottling bucket and chuck in the siphon tube and bottling wand.
    4. Once the rinse cycle completes, I remove the bottles one by one and use my bottling bucket tap to insert the sanitiser into the bottle, shake the bottle and dump the solution back into the bottling bucket - complete all the bottles - this means that the bottling bucket is sanitised, as well as all bottles
    5. Transfer sanitising solution to standard bucket (I have 3 white food grade plastic buckets, 1 fermenter, 1 bottling bucket with tap, one standard)
    6. Add the sugar syrup to bottling bucket and siphon beer from fermenter to bottling bucket.
    7. Once all the beer is transfered, I dump the siphon tube back to 'standard' bucket with steriliser solution in it.
    8. I work on my dining room table, so I put the bottling bucket on top of another one, to add height, so I can sit on a chair and bottle from there.
    9. Attach the bottling wand to bottling bucket and bottle 4 beers at a time, and then capping them - I find it easier to do this.


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      So, I had a taste this weekend, and I must say, I am thoroughly delighted with the colour and taste of this brew, it is still a little under-carbed, but I still have three weeks to condition.

      One thing that I was worried about was the chilling of the wort, I chose not to chill the wort, being a partial mash I only boiled 8 litres of wort, so after the boil completed, I added tap water to fill to volume (21 litres). As the time of bottling our tap water was still in the region of 15 degress celcius and it cooled the wort to 25 degrees.

      No infection, no off tastes, pretty clear beer was the result.