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    Those regulators are around R400 if I'm not mistaken? Not VERY expensive for what you get, to be honest. But yeah, I know some places will say it's not required. Like airbags in your car.

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    Does your skottlebraai have a regulator?

    Does the firestick that light the fire(wood) have a regulator

    Nope, both those have jets that control the flow ... the same with that CA6 wok burner ... it has a jet

    LPG doesn't contain oxygen therefor at some point air is introduced and at the right mixture these two will burn

    But yea, like I said, if you paranoid, get the high pressure regulator ... and yes probably about R400
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    Yea so my approach has always been making sure the hose is far away and staying close

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    I paid R1000 if I remember rightly for a big burner with high pressure regulator and tubing, etc at Claremont Gas Appliances. Not that expensive at all and it made the world of difference to brew day when I was on gas.

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    I'm not really au fait with gas, but my concern is always a hose under pressure. I wouldn't run something with constricted flow without a regulator. But I'm a wuss. I even wear a mask.
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    Would a C30 burner work?
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    That looks like the pannekoek tannies kermis burner. I dont see why it would not work. With a nice stand to lift it off the ground you'll be fine. And it will have more then enough heat

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    Thanks, it does look like an old tannies pannekoek burner.

    There was a CA6 burner in the shop as well, but it was little bit stukkend. I held the C30 on top of the CA6 and the burner diameter is identical. The CA6 only have the additional legs which is nice, and a spiral pattern. But almost double the price.

    I will just build two stands, one for the burner and one for the pot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HAP-BR3W View Post
    Would a C30 burner work?
    It'll work. The reason the other burner is more expensive is because it burns much hotter. It eats up to 1.2kg of gas per hour, where the C30 only does around 0.4kg. For the CA6 you also need a high pressure regulator to run it at it's max capacity, as most regulators go up to 1kg/h.

    Nothing wrong with the C30, it's just not as fast as the CA6, so be patient. It'll still do the job, though. The double-ring control is awesome. Means you can use it for other applications as well.

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